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These learner attributes help define the type of learner the IB develops:

Inquirers. Natural curiosity is honored at Sage International. Students are given the tools necessary to conduct inquiry and a love of learning that will be sustained throughout their lives.

Knowledgeable. Well-informed is more than reciting facts. Sage International students explore concepts and issues that have local and global significance so they can speak intelligently and with understanding.

Thinkers. Approach problems creatively. Students are asked to exercise critical thinking, wrestle with ethics, and defend their reasoning at Sage International.

Communicators. Bilingual and hyper capable. Students acquire confidence, understanding, and articulation as they express ideas and information in more than one language. They work effectively and willingly in collaboration with others.

Principled. All Sage International students are held to high standards of integrity and honesty. They are responsible for their own actions and the consequences that accompany them.

Open-minded. Interested and open listeners. Sage International students understand and appreciate their own cultures as well as the perspectives, values, and traditions of other individuals and communities.

Caring. Sage International students show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others. They have a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and the environment.

Risk-takers. Approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought. Sage International inspires the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies.

Balanced. Students understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.

Reflective. Think about it. Sage International students give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and experience. They are able to assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to support their learning and personal development.

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